The Table God has Prepared for all who will is awaiting His guest , so come share in the feast of the knowledge of Our heavenly Father .

Put Away the old man , his salt has lost it`s savor...

God`s people can always find a way to Overcome the world.

Revelation 3:19 -22 

May God Bless you in your search for His Truth...

This is a Teaching site which uses the documentable Word of God , to serve the living God in heaven , as He proposes in His will to bring forth His mystery and overall plan for those who love Him and are hungry for God`s Truth, whatever your background spiritually , you are welcome on this site , This site is representative of God`s world , all are welcome to have a drink of New Wine and sit at God`s Table with us Psalms 23:5                                              

 Psalms 23 is not for a funeral , it`s for you at this moment it is indeed for the "Living" The Lord (God) is my shepherd (Christ) I (you) shall not want , (if) you take Him up on His Promise Hebrews 11:6 , He is faithful to restore your soul and lead you in paths of righteousness and He does it for His sake , not ours . Getting Knowledge of God in a documented fashion (is) walking an righteous path , so come and fill yourself with the Timely Knowledge of Gods plan for all .  Christ foretold us all things , not just a few things.  Mk 13:23

The harvest truly is plentious , but the laborers are few;

Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest , that he will send forth labourers in to his harvest.  Mat 9:38




Come study with Pastor Matthew and learn how to enjoy good meals of truth at God`s prepared Table , oil represents OLIVE oil which represent the oil of Our people and spiritually it is " Truth " which God uses to annoint us unto his purposes.

To have ones cup running over would be and is pleasing to God.   Revelation 4:11

To join this site , repent for your sins in Christ name, then just ask God to recieve you in Christ name and your in.  It is always reverence to God , it`s His site .