May. 19, 2015

Because thou has rejected knowledge,I will also reject thee ,that thou shall be no priest to me:

"These are God`s thoughts on His children`s overall lack of knowledge of His laws and truths. Hosea 4:1 is the condition God sees those who do love Him existing in todays uncertain world .

Hosea 6:1 God is calling us to return unto Him and knowledge of Him , we have been torn . He knows we have been torn, He did it for His purposes.
The entire chapter 6 of Hosea , will give one a sense of why God has a cup of wrath .

The chapter is for you to understand how God feels about the current state of the priesthood and the iniquity that persist to this day , churches have allowed themselves to become polluted with cares of the world

They are supposed to function as universities of knowledge of God , Feed my sheep, John 21: 15-17 Christ instructed , His disciples on his third appearance after he had risen from the dead and emphasized unto the apostles to feed his lamb and feed his sheep , after he had asked if they loved him, so pastors of God should feed Christ sheep (if) they love him, the great congregation of God .

If Priest were performing as God purposes , we would not have a lack of knowledge of God.

God clearly states His law has been forgotten , which indicates an divided body of Christ. This also makes clear for all to understand , God`s word is not being taught. Jeremiah chap 23