May. 23, 2015

God has a message for all his children , let us hear what the Lord declares .....

James a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes, scattered abroad, greeting....   My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations; knowing that the trying of your faith worketh patience.  But let patience have perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.              

Where we begin today is the book of James, chapter   1:1 - 4

I`d like to start out and create an discernable picture of who God is addressing in the 1st verse of James , he is addressing todays christian nations (peoples) of which we in the blessed land of the United States are the house of Israel , scattered abroad , having become the seed of Abraham , having God`s promise to Abraham fulfilled , Abraham is the spiritual father of many nations , when one accepts Christ as savior, one becomes the seed or children spiritually of Abraham, if you do not undersatnd this , simply put it away in your mind and eventually if you stay focused and absorb God`s truth it will fit and make sense as your knowledge grows.

In the second verse of James ,                                                                                                        We are taught to count it all joy when we are tempted by different things of the world ,         The world is made up of temptation and all fall short of God`s glory , but why we count it joy to be tested of satan and the ways of the world , is that when one has God`s truths within him or herself , you( cannot ) be decieved , God`s truth brings light to darkness thus destroying   ignorance and the unknowns of life , one should seek and pray to become sealed of God, filled up with his wisdom. Revelation 7:3  are you to be sealed of God or are you already sealed ?     Which simply means, are you coming to the knowledge of the Lord or are you already full of age ?

In the third verse ,                                                                                                                                 We have been taught that knowing we will fall into different temptaions, the trying (testing of) your faith , faith comes by hearing God`s word and what is faith ?   It`s your knowledge of God through his written documentable living word and as we know collectively faith with out works is dead, so it can be said this way for purposes of understanding,                             (works without knowledge is dead )  simply because you do not have full understanding of God`s overall eternal plan, which is in the bible.   Christ always asked; havent you read ?        It does not mean that you cannot go to it and read it now, quite the contrary (if) you study with us and do not let the fowls of the air snatch the truths you gain , your faith is sure to increase , I have faith that it will and as you know faith as a mustard seed can move mountians ..

Verse 4  James ; 

In verse 4, we are being taught to let patience have perfect work within us individually , so that you may become perfect and entire, wanting nothing..

Patience in this teaching is equating in the original greek to mean , "endurance and constancy".  (( strongs greek# 5281))

Have in this teaching is equating to mean , " hold "      (( strongs greek # 2192 ))                     

Perfect in this teaching is equating to ; full of age , better said to understand it simply means mature in God`s word and full of the knowledge of The Living God and His plan for all who love Him and even those who unfortunately do not.  They are not mature , thus easy prey for Satan and the ways of the world.  That said be mature in your thinking and become genuinely righteous in God`s eyes , not mans .  There cannot be anything that pleases God more than for one of his children to get real with him and make the effort to really get to know him , we were created for his pleasure Rev. 4:11     

Work in this teaching equates to; effort or occupation or deed .  (( strong`s greek # 2041))    

Entire in this teaching equates to; all complete and altogether in everypart. (( strong`s greek #3648 )) 

Wanting in this teaching equates; to be left alone , to fail or be absent: to be destitute or lacking  (( strong`s greek # 3007 )) 

Nothing equates to: +God forbid .  (( strong`s greek # 3361 ))

As we collate the translated words to gain a deeper thought and understanding so that, one will not lack knowledge of the Lord of the living.

God is saying , Consistantly endure and hold to the effort of coming to full understanding in maturity of knowledge, in your works,  which are your spiritual occupational deeds , so that they may be complete and all together in everypart ,so that you are not alone in your efforts for God and kingdom , so that you do not fail or be found absent or spiritually destitute of knowledge and found lacking by God , God forbid !!


James verse 5 :

If any of you lack wisdom,let him ask of God,that giveth to (all) liberally,and upbraideth not;and it (shall) be given him.

No translation needed...   The book of James , where digging deeper is how it`s done. Overcoming the world with God`s truth, 

The Living Word.   Say Amen.